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Louise helped us on a recent writing project for the Association of British Credit Unions. She applied her excellent copywriting  skills to drafting a detailed in-house style guide for the Association.  She then  proof-read, edited/rewrote  the organisation’s new website copy to ensure that it complied with the guidelines. This involved  checking for consistency, language, grammar, punctuation, tone of voice and ensuring that the copy complemented the Association's brand. Louise has also helped ICM Creative in the production of a number of tenders/proposals for new business.


Maria Wild, Director ICM Creative Communications


As editor of Association Management Europe Louise does an excellent job of meeting the needs of its audience: chief executives of membership bodies, their members and suppliers to these organisations. Her writing style is always appropriate for the audience - interesting and informative whilst warm and chatty. She ensures that each issue’s content consists of a broad mix of in-depth spotlight interviews, product and service analysis and an up-to-date selection of industry and business news stories. She also commissions and edits high quality editorial contributions from a range of business management, legal, financial, technical specialists and politicians.


Lee Dunn, MD Mypec, publisher of AME

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Louise produces excellent, clear, easy to read articles that really get to the heart of the matter. Louise is always easy to work with and makes sure she understands the brief and the key points to get over before she starts. Louise is great at accepting feedback that develops the work further and she is also able to come up with the goods first time too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Louise to someone looking for a competent journalistic writer.


Marketing Manager, Yorkshire Building Society

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I thought this was excellent!


Well done for gathering so much complex information and making it readable.


Police Race and Diversity Learning and Development Programme, The Home Office

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I am really, really pleased with the result!


I especially like the opening para - it's punchy, to the point, and draws you in.


Head of Writing, The Propaganda Agency

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Everyone thinks it is fantastic and we want to thank you for all your efforts, especially Louise for squeezing the great stories out of people.


Communications Manager UK SFS Communications, Glaxosmithkline

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Just received AMQ and it is absolutely brilliant – I am really delighted and I’m sure that all our members will be too. It will give a real boost to the IAM. There’s a real opportunity for AMQ to become the definitive sector magazine.


President, Institute of Association Management and Chief Executive, Institute of Lighting Engineers

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Thank you for the piece - it's just what the doctor ordered!


Communications Manager, The Charging Programme, Crown Prosecution Service.

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Louise writes with speed, clarity and flair and tackles technical subjects well.


Communications Manager, Provident Financial

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I first contacted Louise in 2014 when I was rebuilding a five year-old website.  Having spent hours and hours looking at a blank Word document, starting, deleting and restarting over and over again I decided to turn to the pros.  Having had a brief chat with Louise I was able tell her what I wanted and when I wanted it by and left Louise to it.  


Communication was excellent and her delivery and professionalism was second to none.  Louise understands the impact of SEO and writes text that flows, rather than just looks like a bunch of keywords.


When I launched my second recruitment business in September of 2015 I just turned straight to Louise.  


My expertise lies elsewhere and wasted time means lost business.  If like myself, you need someone to write your blogs, or produce copy, I cannot recommend Louise enough.


Richard Powell, Director, Bright Leaf Recruitment

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Louise has been the lead writer/journalist for Association Insights magazine and our monthly Associations Network ebulletins since January 2014. She has sourced new and interesting content for articles by combining in-depth research with interviews with key association directors, chief executives and conference speakers.


Her articles are lively and compelling and interviews/Q&As engage the association community and ensure that the magazine and website serve as a hub of knowledge sharing for the international and national association management sector.


Damian Hutt, Executive Director, Associations Network